Rabu, 10 Oktober 2012

Morning Real Estate Fix

Should the market determine parking requirements in new buildings? (Atlantic Cities)  A new study says that parking minimums in new residential developments subsidize the car and create more car traffic than the market would deliver on its own.

DC puts Hill East up for bid again (Examiner)  After several failed attempts to get 50 acres around the old hospital plot going, the DC government is trying again with a smaller parcel near JFK stadium, opening development up to bidders.

U.S. sues Wells Fargo (Wall Street Journal)  A federal prosecutor sues the bank for mortgage fraud in its allegedly overly aggressive tactics to make loans.

Consumer confidence in housing market gradually climbs (Fannie Mae)  In its survey, the mortgage buyer finds that despite what people think about the overall economy, the public is seeing a larger silver lining around the housing market.

High-end Hyattsville condos headed to auction after years without a sale (Washington Post) The condo project, near PG Plaza, were completed 4 years ago as part of a new town center, but developers were never able to sell a condo.

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