Kamis, 21 Juni 2012

Your Next Place

I have to say, these huge loft-style units might be my favorite type of place, and not just because you could potentially lie in wait up on the top elevated level and dump a trashcan full of water down onto your significant other as soon as they walked in the door, after you hacked their email and found the "missed connection" they posted on Craigslist.  Though you have to admit that would be extremely satisfying, potentially. (As an alternative, you could just act normal but then email them, pretending to be the missed connection.  Which is what I did.)

With a 20-plus foot peaked ceiling, this penthouse loft has an epic feel to it that you could never get in a place with boring old "rooms."  As soon as you enter through the private entrance, you can tell you're in a place in which the designers paid great attention to every last detail.  The kitchen, tucked discreetly under the loft, features high-end Bosch appliances, fantastic lighting, and there are really cool cutout panels of exposed brick throughout the place.  Upstairs, there's a low wall of translucent glass partitioning off the loft, and both baths feature five-star hotel style finishes.  (Check out the showers.)

It's also close to everything and right next to Chinatown, where I'm convinced you can buy literally anything, from an Ann Taylor Loft flower-print bucket hat to one of those canes that unscrews into a sword.  (Not even kidding - those two items are sold within a block of each other.  And yes, I bought a sword cane.)

1002 M Street NW #4
2 Bedrooms, 2 Baths

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