Senin, 02 Juli 2012

Morning Real Estate Review

McGraw Hill says construction will be up 2% this year (San Fran News)  The firm says that tepid growth in the economy will lead to small growth in 2012 over last year's construction numbers.

JBG will hold on office tower at Rosslyn's Central Place (Washington Post) As Monday Properties fails to sign a tenant on its new office under construction next door, JBG decides to start the apartment building and hold on office space.

Mendelson promotion a win for NIMBYs (CityPaper)  The new Council's Chair has a history of opposing development during and before his tenure as Councilmember.

The housing recovery, in 2 charts (Washington Post)  There are signs that the housing economy is improving, though modestly, in several national and regional indicators.

Georgetown Park still without new tenants (Washington Post)  Two years after buying the mall, Vornado is still negotiating leases and the future of Georgetown's mall.

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