Rabu, 11 Juli 2012

Your Next Place

Yes, another penthouse.  What can I say, penthouses are spectacular!  Do you really want to read a post about a basement efficiency?  How about this, if you're really sick of penthouses, just sit down, write a letter outlining your specific objections, and then tear that letter up into little pieces and throw it away, because come on, man!  I'm doing my best here.  (Sort of.)

This spectacular two-level penthouse is the perfect intersection of quality and location.  On one hand it's got tons of windows, high ceilings, and gleaming hardwood floors.  Downstairs boasts a fireplace and a chef's kitchen, and upstairs you have three bedrooms and a stunning roof deck from which you can see the Washington Monument.  And on the other hand, it's perfectly situated just a couple blocks above U Street, and a few blocks below Columbia Heights.  Anything, literally anything, you could possibly want, you'll be able to find in one of those two neighborhoods.  Unless you're a perv, in which case you'll have to go to, like, Thailand or something?

The penthouse also comes with garage parking, and access to the enclosed courtyard below.  Also, I have reason to believe that this building is a lucky one.  True story: I attended a party here last summer where I met the girl of my dreams.  We hit it off and left together, it was perfect.  And then on the way home she got pulled over, failed her breathalyzer, spent the night in jail, and never responded to any of my subsequent texts.  So yeah, the building is lucky, the intersection down the block, not so much.

1421 Chapin Street NW PH-302
3 Bedrooms, 2.5 Baths

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