Rabu, 19 September 2012

Morning Real Estate Fix

Georgetown's West Heating Plant to be sold at auction (Washington Post)  After pressure on the GSA to unload unused space, the government has been making plans for selling the property, but a recent announcement says the property could be auctioned in November.

Montgomery County breaks ground on Victory Court The county's subsidized housing fund and the Archdiocese of Washington teamed up to build an 86-unit senior housing center in downtown Rockville.

The high cost of sprawl (Atlantic Cities)  A new study points to the cost of ex-urban sprawl, with infrastructure eating an ever bigger chunk of budgets.

Housing remains a relative brightspot in a dim economy (Fannie Mae) While recent data indicates the 2nd half of the year will continue at a sluggish rate, the housing market is "increasingly positive, though subdued," though economists predict it will be some time before the market snaps back to normal.

Mortgage lending in 2011 fell to lowest point in 16 years (Mortgage News Daily) Recently compiled data shows just how bad things have been.  Lending last year fell 10% to its lowest level since 1995.  What took them so long to figure it out?

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