Jumat, 07 September 2012

Today in Pictures - JBG's District Apartments

JBG announced in January of 2011 that it was moving forward on District Condos, which later became District Apartments, with new partner Grosvenor.  The pair started work a few weeks later on their 125-unit, Shalom Baranes designed building, on Logan Circle's trendy 14th Street.

18 months on, the project is nearing completion.  JBG incorporated the former AIDS clinic at the southern end of the lot for additional retail that will wrap around the corner of S and 14th Streets. The Chevy Chase developer teamed with Toronto-based Cecconi Simone Inc. for interior design, in a building that will have smallish, mostly 1-bedroom apartments.  Occupancy is expected to begin around the end of the year.

Washington D.C. real estate development news.  Photos by Rey Lopez

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