Minggu, 12 Agustus 2012

Today in Pictures - NoMa West

One of Washington D.C.'s largest residential developments is nearing completion. Mill Creek Residential Trust, LLC is putting the finishing touches on NoMa West, three five-story buildings on a 4.3 acre site that will add 603 wood-framed, mostly market rate apartments to the NoMa neighborhood (that some insist is really Eckington, but that fall inside the NoMa BID map boundaries). The Preston Partnership, LLC is responsible for the design, and R.D. Jones & Associates designed the interior.

Whatever neighborhood it falls in (note that the project was once called Eckington Place), the project is nearing completion and is across the street from MRP's Gateway project, the combination of which will bring an actual neighborhood to what could have been recently described - charitably - as desolate.  (Pictures were taken last month)

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