Kamis, 16 Agustus 2012

Morning Real Estate Review

Builder confidence continues to improve in August (National Assn of Home Builders) Builder confidence for newly built, single family homes improved for a 4th straight month in August, standing at one of the highest rates in 5 years, though that isn't saying much.

History will be kind to TARP (Wall Street Journal) The federal bailout helped stabilize many small and local banks, a service that will earn it commendations down the road, and that have already earned a net profit for the taxpayers - car industry excluded.

No more drive-by appraisals on some loans (Wall Street Journal)  Rules proposed by federal regulators yesterday would require physical inspections of a property before financing, something banks are doing increasingly often.

Mortgage rates reach 2 month high (Mortgage News Daily)  Despite lackluster underlying events, rates have been slowly creeping up this summer.

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