Sabtu, 08 Desember 2012

Your Next Place

This fresh new build in Chevy Chase is 7300 square feet of pure undiluted luxury, or approximately one square foot for every time I muttered "I knew I should've gone to law school," as I glanced covetously around during the open house.  From the moment you walk through the imposing double front doors, you know you're entering a very special place, sort of like when you down that eighth shot of tequila.  The house seems even huger from the inside, with a double-height entryway leading into a number of high-ceilinged, wide-open rooms.  The great room features a majestic Porcelanosa wall that you could totally rappel down if you were trying to impress your guests, or were just really stupid.  The kitchen is just massive, with a marble-topped island that features a gourmet chef's range, and the best in high-end appliances.

Upstairs, the master bath sports one of those rainwater showers that simulates being homeless and bathing in the rain (just kidding, I love these showers), and a jacuzzi tub that I would've come back and stolen later that night, if I owned a crane.  There's also an exercise room and a sauna.  If I had a sauna in my own home, I'd use it so much I'd look like a lank-haired pink raisin. Also, if you're single, just imagine the power of being able to say, at closing time, "hey, after hours party in my private in-home sauna?"  And finally, there's a heated three car garage, so you can rest easy at night, knowing your vehicles are toasty and warm.

7035 Wyndale Street NW
6 Bedrooms, 8 Baths

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