Senin, 10 Desember 2012

Morning Real Estate Fix

Former Mayor Williams pushes for DC infrastructure partnership (Washington Post)  Taking a page out of Chicago's book, Anthony Williams calls for a public-private partnership to build DC infrastructure.

Examining DC's zoning update:  accessory dwellings (Greater Greater Washington)  A place for guests or nannies is a good idea in a market that once had plenty of such space, but now is lacking in non-traditional homes.

Revisiting DC's Height Act is a win-win (Washington Post)  The recent call by Congress to revisit DC's building heights, at least in areas that don't affect the downtown core, make sense.

Mortgage rates rise on heels of last month's employment report (Mortgage News Daily)  Though the rise in jobs was modest, mortgage rates seemed to rise on the heels of the higher-than-expected jobs numbers.

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